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2019年1月 7日 (月)



Medical Translator NARITAは15時頃までイートモ作業して、その後は心療内科に行ってきます。




clinicalではそれで大丈夫ですが、nonclinicalのin vitro関係になると単純ではないよね。



Washout of the drug was done by superfusion of the cells with a drug-free solution using a peristaltic pump.





(薬物などの)   洗い流し,    洗い出し




また、皮膚障害を発現した症例の中で、. 本剤の洗い流しが不十分であった症例もあり、本剤を使用される際は「必ず」洗い流していただくよう、文言. の追記を致しました。




これらのデータは、本剤のウォッシュアウトに必要な十分な時間を設けてミガーラスタットによるα-Gal A 活性阻害を最小限にすれば、ファブリー病患者の線維芽細胞において、ミガーラスタットによるα-Gal A 活性増加はGL-3濃度を低下させることを示している。


かん流液を用いた対照実験後、ミガーラスタット塩酸塩を低濃度から順にそれぞれ5 個の細胞に曝露後、ウォッシュアウトした。









Medical Translator NARITAが医学翻訳ブログで何度も書いているように、こういう現場の文書をライフサイエンス辞書やGoogle、イートモ、英じ郎で調べながら、訳文を完成させるトレーニングを続けるしかないんです。







青字がnonclinicalのin vitro関係ということなりまかね。やはり、イートモには治験関係が多いので、今後はnonclinical関係も意識して増やしていこうと思います。

A   3-month washout period was required before baseline evaluation of women using   postmenopausal hormones at initial screening.
A 4-week washout period from HMG-CoA   reductase inhibitors and cholesterol absorption inhibitors is required.
A single oral dose of one 20-mg   tablet was to be administered after breakfast followed by ≥ 7 days of the   washout period.
After a 1-week washout period, the procedures were repeated with the   alternate rinse.
After a 2-week washout period,   subjects were crossed over to receive the other medication for 8 days.
All subjects who were on combination therapy at entry must undergo a 28-day   washout period of DMARDs other than Drug A.
Changes   seen in the liver and stomach were still present at the end of the 1-month   washout period, although with a lower incidence and severity, indicating an   ongoing recovery process.
Drug A caused total suppression of HIV production in ABC cells for 20 days   after washout of the drug and replacement with fresh culture medium.
Drug A was administered as either a   single dose or as two divided doses given 12 hours apart, with a 7-day   washout period between treatments.
Washout of the drug was done by superfusion   of the cells with a drug-free solution using a peristaltic pump.
Due to the short half-life of Drug   A, a washout of 1 day was considered adequate.
Each cycle consisted of 3 daily intravenous administrations   followed by a 4-day washout period.
Each patient   received inhaled Drug A or placebo twice daily for a month, with a one-week   washout period between treatments.
Eligible patients using antihypertensive treatments will, under the supervision   of the investigator, stop their antihypertensive treatments and enter a   washout phase of 2 weeks.
Eligible patients were enrolled   into a 2-week washout period, during which the number of incontinence   episodes and frequency of micturition were recorded for 7 consecutive days   using micturition diaries.
Exercise tolerance tests were performed at baseline; 20 to 24 hours   after dosing at Weeks 4, 8, and 12; and at the end of the washout period.
From Day 16 to Day 28, no   medication was administered (washout period).
Healthy subjects were studied at baseline, after cocoa supplementation   for 6 weeks, and after a 6-week washout period.
Mean serum phosphorus rose from 6.8   mg/dl at prewashout to 9.1 mg/dl at the end of the washout period.
No washout period separated Treatment B and Treatment C.
Rabbit   aortic strips were exposed to various sympathomimetic amines; after washout   of the amines the relaxation of the strips was measured.
Ten healthy subjects were randomized to receive single doses of Drug A 20 mg SC or   10 mg IV infusion with a 4-week washout period between doses.
The duration of plasma sample   collection and the washout time between treatments were not long enough to   appropriately characterize the AUC, ke, and t1/2 of Drug A.
The duration of this washout period was not sufficient to characterize the   rate of loss of the treatment effect.
The effect was largely reversible   after washout of Drug A.
The first treatment period, the washout period, and the second treatment   period were each eight weeks long.
The   one-week washout period between Treatment A (Drug A alone) and Treatment B   (Drug B alone) was used in order to determine steady-state pharmacokinetic   parameters for Drug A without the influence of Drug B.
The patients were given a second opportunity to rate their current status on   the same questionnaire on which they had previously marked their end of   washout scores.
The study was divided into a   20-week double-blind active treatment phase followed by a 10-week washout   period.
The vehicle group and the 30 mg/kg group included their recovery subgroup   in which reversibility of the toxicity was investigated during 13-week   washout period.
The   washout period for any previous medical therapy for Disease A was adequate.
There was no evidence of rebound worsening of lung function in the Drug A   group after the washout period.
Thereafter, patients underwent a   one-week NSAID-free washout period.
These values returned to baseline levels over a 4-week washout period after   cessation of Drug A administration.
Treatment periods were separated by   a washout period of ≥ 7 days.
Treatment was followed by a two-week, single-blind washout period during   which all patients received placebo.

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